Dear Equinox Community,

As you have noticed Equinox Flyff lost a lot of players in the past weeks. This sadly means the server is now closed, we are not able to make new updates for the server and how much I (Exodia) would love to keep making updates together with others, it's impossible because i dont have the flyff Source files. Without those files there can't be any useful developing.

It's sad how Equinox is coming to an end, but i'm proud what we have reached in the past months, it's been great to have a server with a community. Equinox became more then just a server for me, I even met some of the players in reallife which was really amazing.

Big thanks to everyone for supporting us in anyway possible. Even a bigger thanks to my staff team for being so loyal and helping out with everything they could.

Regards, Exodia